Theo Gold, the author of ‘The Communication Bible,’ said it best – “Communication is your ticket to success if you pay attention and learn to do it effectively.”

Good communication in the workplace drives employee success. Without communication, everything crumbles. The important thing to note is that this does not have to be a skill you are born with. You can continue to develop and become better.

2023 has officially become the year people are learning to walk away from things that no longer serve them. This includes relationships, priorities, work, etc. Standards are higher than ever searching for the ideal job. Company culture is crucial, and it all stems from communication. When employees feel that they can communicate transparently, motivation and productivity spike.

A culture of open communication encourages proactive discussions, where team members can feel safe raising concerns before they become bigger issues. This transparency can also help team members understand their role and how it contributes to the organization.

Success may look different to each person. However, regardless of the infinite versions of success, communication remains the leading factor to success.

There are many ways effective communication contributes to an organization’s success.

  • Improves company efficiency.
  • Improves employee morale.
  • Reduces mistakes and misunderstandings.
  • Creates better client relationships.

If you want good communication in the workplace, you must be willing to put in the work to improve. Better communication requires effort from everyone. But with the right mindset, you will see results. Lead by example, follow what you preach, and reward efforts.

“Teams that can openly share ideas, focus on the task, and communicate proactively should not be surprised by their achievements” – Reed Markham, Educator.

-Tatem Holton, Senior Benefit Specialist – Silberman Group